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It's time to step up! Take action! Be the doctor you need and want to be! Educate your community! Grow your practice! Provide for your family! Create the life you deserve!
Rapidly Launch Your Lunch & Learn and Health Fair Marketing Program Without Having to Travel to Expensive Seminars, Hire Additional Staff, or Use High Pressure Tactics
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Four Inspiring & Entertaining Lessons
  • The Problems with Microwave & Hope Marketing
  • Two Reasons I know YOU CAN DO THIS and Five Reasons I know YOU CAN SUCCEED
  •  The Top Five Mistakes Doctors Make When They Start a Lunch & Learn and Health Fair Marketing Program
  • The Path from Pit to Peak: The Exact Steps to Book Six Events in Six Weeks and become a Wellness Programs Expert
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Tune up your online image. Boost your reviews. Improve your mindset. Develop confidence in your recommendations. Become congruent. Get your team on board with your vision.
Lunch & Learn Presentation
This presentation recently scheduled 20 new patients in a room of 33.  See how I motivate people to schedule WITHOUT using high pressure, scare tactics, or unethical claims. Side benefit: you'll learn strategies to improve your own life!
Kindle Book
Racing heart! Profuse sweating! Tunnel vision! I experienced true panic attacks about public speaking!  This book, along with other strategies I'll share, helped me overcome my fears. I'm paying forward the help others gave me!
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